Also this month CITIES will go around the city exploring Amsterdam's' food history. Come and join us!

With the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR  we invite everybody to explore the history of the city through the lens of food culture.

It may be really hard to imagine Amsterdam without a single supermarket, however Amsterdam sustained itself without them for a long time. In the OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR, we travel back in time to see how the city organized its food system in the past. On foot we walk through the old city centre, to explore the earliest food history of Amsterdam. The tour takes approx.. 2 hours and costs €20,- per person or €30 for 2 people. Children under 12 for free. Subscribe at foodtour@farmingthecity.net.

Upcoming tours: 3/3, 24/3. We start at 1.00 pm, from Nieuwmarkt.

It also possible to book the tour for groups. For more information, please mail to foodtour@farmingthecity.net.

Created on 28 February 2013

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