INVITATION! Prototyping A Food Council December 11th

If you had a chance to influence the 2014 Amsterdam Food Future, what priorities would you bring to the table? Come to Pakhuis de Zwijger on Dec. 11th to discover what is at stake.

As Amsterdam develops a new Food Agenda, we developed a new approach to policy development itself, giving citizens a voice, generating constructive discussion and debate, and exploring potential paths for future action.

Why would we do that? Through research at CITIES and Farming the City, we know a growing wealth of knowledgeable citizens working from the bottom up are increasingly instrumental actors in shaping the local food landscape. However, the standard institutional model for developing public agendas and policies is the triple helix – seeing the best route to innovative development through public and knowledge institutions collaborating with corporate business. This model excludes the small-scale grassroots initiatives from the development phase. As this growing citizenry shapes the foundation of a modern food movement, we believe that citizens are the secret ingredient to a truly innovative, functional new Food Agenda in Amsterdam.

With this logic, we developed an inclusive approach that brings citizens into the triple helix framework. On December 11th at Pakhuis de Zwijger, together with Farming the City and Eetbar Amsterdam, we will Prototype a Food Council under this framework.

What To Expect

First, we had to organize the Food Council. To do so, we asked representatives from private, public, social, grassroots, knowledge, environmental and health sectors active in Amsterdam’s ‘food field’ to each answer questions about their motivations, values, priorities and plans for envisioning the future of food in Amsterdam. The answers these initial 25 participants provide are being analyzed and organized to generate a set of infographics used to kick-off the public discussion and debate concerning the role, ambitions and trajectories that Amsterdam’s ‘food field’ could take. (For more info, check the analysis of Amsterdam Food System made two years ago here)

Wayne Roberts, founder of the Toronto Food Policy Council, will open the evening via Skype. Following, one primary roundtable of 25 people will address three main themes, each lasting around 15 minutes. During this discussion, willing participants will be asked up to a small podium to present an issue being discussed from their perspective. Participants are encouraged to confront the representatives, when felt necessary, as this generates discussion and debate that establishes the strongest conclusions.

After the three themes are discussed, Han Wiskerke, Professor of Rural Sociology from Wageningen, will provide a brief, critical overview of the evening, summing up the most important issues developed during the conversations. Han will also evaluate the work of the organizing partners, offering constructive criticism for them to strengthen their future work.

The overall ambition is to discover what the potential directions are for Amsterdam’s ‘food field’, with hopes of securing commitment for future actions.

Come and join us in this experimental food adventure, the event is free, but there are not more than 200 places left.

Event Details and Registration

The program is a co-production between Farming the City, Eetbar Amsterdam and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Admission is free. We ask you to please reserve your space. To do so, click the red “Reserveer” button at the top of this sign-up page (click here). The sign up link directs you to Pakhuis de Zwijger’s event page, where you will also find additional information.

Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger
Time: 20:00
Language: Dutch
Cost: Free
Sign up (click red “Reserveer” button at top of sign up page)
Wayne Roberts (Toronto Food Policy Council) (via Skype)
Erik Fischer (Foodcenter)
Samuel Levie (Foodcabinet)
Cor-Jan Tolkamp (Foodcoop)
Gaston Remmers (Agrarische Hogeschool Almere)
Hanneke Noordam (Vrije Universiteit)
Han Wiskerke (Wageningen Universiteit / Academie van Bouwkunst)
Fred Beekers (Resto van Harte)
Margot Alting (Amsterdamse Natuur en Milieu Educatie Centrum)
Bert Ydema (Urban Green Courts)
Piet IJzendoorn (Boerderij Zonnehoeve)
Ed Buijs (Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening – gemeente Amsterdam)
Doortje van Unen (Amsterdam Economic Board)
Anne Stijkel (Wij Krijgen Kippen!)
Susanne de Boer (Rabobank Amsterdam)
Kees Diepeveen (wethouder Stadsdeel Noord)
Drees Peter van den Bosch (Willem & Drees)


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Created on 03 December 2013

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