Come to IGNITE 30: we will simply want to make clear, with some good images and a bit of humour, what we like about cities...

IGNITE is an event organized by Mediamatic, where local innovators, thinkers or just people present their ideas, their way of doing things and their approach towards this or that discipline. We will present CITIES, yes, finally, instead of focusing on one single project, we will present what’s our approach towards urbanity, our way to research on urban matters, and of course, we will also show what we ended up doing since our birth date, July 2008.

Here a little teaser

The doors open to the public at 19:00, dinner is only €5 or €6 Euro. The first speaker starts at 20:30. There will be two sets of 6 speakers and one break in between of 15 minutes. What else? Come to Ignite, show it to everyone on the social media world, attending the event of Facebook


Created on 27 August 2013

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