We invite you to join us for an evening on circular economy with Ellen MacArthur in Stockholm, Sweden.

Do you know what a circular economy is? Would you like to find out how our cities of today could move from linear economical thinking to a circular one? CITIES is proud to be one of the organisers, together with Cradle Net and KTH, of an evening in Stockholm with Ellen MacArthur presenting her view upon circular economy.

Ellen MacArthur broke the world record for sailing solo around the world in 2005. When she withdrew from the sport, she decided to take on a greater challenge: to disseminate knowledge about the earth’s finite resources and the necessity of a transition from a linear- to a circular economy. Ellen MacArthur Foundation, founded in 2010, based in Storbirtanien has quickly become a knowledge hub with wide international recognition on how businesses and communities could turn to a circular economy.
Save the date! 25th of March 5pm-7pm at KTH Campus.
If you are interested register here
Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
Photography by Thierry Martinez
Created on 28 February 2013

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