After the tasty success of our ‘Pesto & Basil workshop’ at this year’s Kimchi Farm Festival, FARMING THE CITY was eager to make another workshop at the ZOMERLIEFDE event at ROEST.

Type of activity
Date of the activity
August 2012

Location of the activity
August 19th FARMING THE CITY was present at the Moderne Hippies’ ZOMERLIEFDE event at ROEST. Here we held our second ‘Pesto & Basil’ workshop, teaching people how to make the homemade pesto of their dreams. We offered a wide range of ingredients: ricotta, jalapenos, parmesan cheese, chilli, garlic, different types of nuts and olives etc, so that the participants were able to choose their own ingredients for the pesto of their liking. To make the tasting more enjoyable, we served freshly baked bread!

A multitude of delicious pesto variations got produced that day in cooperation between the participants and our pesto master Guisy, and although the weather was extremely hot, we enjoyed each other's company in the shade under a parasol.

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