WeOwnTheCity goes to Marseille

After having displayed our exhibition WeOwnTheCity in both Amsterdam and Brussels we're now ready to bring it to Marseille in France. Here the exhibition will be a part of the In.FLOW.ence congress - a congress focusing on the impact of the crises on urban governance.

CITIES recently engaged in a research project named WeOwnTheCity where we examined the ways in which citizens are increasingly starting to take ownership over their cities. The research and analysis we did lead to an exhibition that maps the development of small-scale initiatives into new types of urban centers exploring the potential disconnect between local government, public policy and local urban initiators. Concretely, the exhibition unfolds the innovative characteristics of emerging urban development initiatives in Amsterdam, connecting research with photography. After having displayed WeOwnTheCity in both ARRCAM in Amsterdam and at the Committee of Regions in Brussels we’re now ready to bring it to Marseille in France. Here the exhibition will be displayed at the Mediterranean Institute as a part of the In.FLOW.ence congress, which will take place the 12th of November. The congress’ main focus is on the impact of the crises on urban governance and by displaying WeOwnTheCity, we’re hoping to reach a target audience, working within planning and urban development, and to make them aware of the so-called bottom-up movement that is currently flourishing in cities across Europe.

WeOwnTheCity is made by CITIES in cooperation with two other Amsterdam based organizations, GUP and ARCAM. The exhibition is a part of the In.flow.ence research project, which is funded by the European Commission within its MED program. WeOwnTheCity has been made possible thanks to:

In.flow.ence, Eu MED Programme, Soluzioni Territoriali
Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit, CITIES, ARCAM, GUP Magazine, SfA, EPSON, ConsumerSpa


Francesca Miazzo
Producer and research
director/Producent and onderzoeks coordinator

Anna Hult

Chris Knox
Art Director/Vormgever

Created on 29 October 2012
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