The OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR has become a huge success! This wednesday, October 3rd, CITIES is going to organize our second bike tour for a group of students studying sustainable development in Copenhagen.

Some weeks ago we got an email from DIS, The Danish Institute for Study Abroad, in Copenhagen, asking if we would be interested in giving an ‘OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR’ to a group of students, studying Sustainable Development and who’s main interest is in food systems. Therfore, we’re going to organize a travel back in time to explore the history of Amsterdam through the lens of food culture. Together we’re going to see how the city used to organize its food system. In this way, we’re are going to visit 10 selected buildings, which used to host food related activities in the past, having either a function in food processing or food supply during times of the industrial revolution.

You can check out our first OLD AMSTERDAM FOOD TOUR here. If you are interested in attending our next tour, please subscribe at foodtour@farmingthecity.net


Created on 01 October 2012

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