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Beautiful graphical interpretations of "City DNA's" by Chinese artist Lu Xinjian.

Lu Xinjian is a Chinese born (1977) designer and illustrator with obvious experience in architecture and urban planning. Educated in illustration with a masters degree obtained in the Netherlands, he was teaching arcitecture and urban planning at the prestigious Tongji University in Shanghai when after a painful break-up he decided to leave his teaching job and head for South Korea. He got offered a job at the College of Arts and Design at Yeungnam University and got inspired to practice a new aesthetic expression to which he devoted two lonely years: painting. These years he got inspired by Pablo Picasso and Keith Haring and both colleagues from Korea and his old art teacher from the University of Groningen helped him develop his technique.

His concern for the urban and urban design led him to start painting based on Google Earth images. He started with scotch tape and the Manhattan but got into the combination of digital mapping, printing it with a cutting plotter, taping it over a canvas and than painting over it to get incredibly detailed and complex city maps. The colors he chooses to use also have a relation to the city or area, ranging from colorful chaotic to cold blue and white tones for harbors. From that moment his main production has consisted of unique abstract and colourful interpretations of city plans. It takes a few seconds but you will recognize your own city, including the river or sea shore and landmarks.


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