Logan Hicks

Featured Artist

Logan Hicks is a stencil artist who has rocketed to the top ranks of his field with his borderline obsessive approach to creating stencils.

Logan Hicks is a New York-based stencil artist whose work explores the dynamics of the urban environment. Originally a professional screen printer, Logan’s work has gained considerable plaudits for its ability to capture the sometimes mundane cycle of city life in a haunting, yet highly refined, manner using hand-sprayed stencils. Stencilling started as a substitution for screen printing, but quickly morphed into Logan’s medium of choice. An ideal union was formed through these stencils: the dirty and gritty nature of spray paint showcasing the decay of the city, while the muted shine of metallic paint mirrored the faint glimmer of hope within it. It is this symbiotic relationship with the city that fuels Logan’s work. Logan’s distinctive work has been exhibited all over the world from Amsterdam to New Zealand.


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