Kimchi Farm Festival
FARMING THE CITY was present at this year’s Kimchi Farm Festival. Here we held our first 'Pesto & Basil' workshop, teaching people how to make the homemade pesto of their dreams.

Type of activity
Date of the activity
August 2012

Location of the activity
De Buurt Boerderij, Amsterdam
The idyllic surroundings of ‘de Buurt Boerderij’ served as the ideal location for this year’s Kimchi Farm Festival, which took place Saturday the 11th of August. FARMING THE CITY was there, throwing a ‘Pesto & Basil workshop’ giving people the opportunity to make their very own pesto. We offered a wide range of ingredients: ricotta, jalapenos, parmesan cheese, chilli, garlic, different kind of nuts and olives etc, so that the participants were able to choose their own ingredients for the pesto of their liking. To make the tasting more enjoyable, we served freshly baked bread! Moreover, we were also selling portable basil plants in small boxes made out of wood with a comfortable handle, making it easy for people to transport and bring back home.

Because FARMING THE CITY finds it interesting to be able to keep track of these portable basil plants, we decided to put a label on every box and encourage people to take a picture and post it on our Facebook page FARMING THE CITY, whenever they come across one. In this way, we’re hoping to be able to follow how they interact with the urban environment and the users themselves.

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