Build your own edible urban landscape

Type of activity
Date of the activity
June 2012

Location of the activity
Amsterdam Food Center
CITIES can teach you how to build your own edible urban landscape. We have several types of edible plants, and immense amount of seeds. We have wood, screws and soil. We can help you to decide which type of plant fits better with another one in a specific urban location. We also help you design a box that will be suitable for those plants. We will also build the box together. The little edible gardens will have a comfortable handle, so that you can decide where to position them. You will also give a name to this garden. You will decide either to keep the garden with you, or leave in an urban location that needs some useful green.

We would like to keep track of our portable edible gardens, so please, whenever you see one, take a picture of it and post it on our Facebook page: FARMING-THE-CITY . It would be amazing to follow how they interact with the urban environment and its users.

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