CITOPIA is film-related initiative from CITIES. Films are shown to an invited group in a location representative of the film’s content.

With Farming the City, CITIES extensively explored, developed and analysed food projects, communities and innovation in Amsterdam and all over the world. This summer, we take a step back, relax, and invite everybody to enjoy our CITOPIA FOOD MOVIES. There will be three screenings at three different, exciting locations for anybody that is interested in understanding the distorted reality of the current food system. We also address waste and recycling issues as a natural continuation of our journey through urban cycles. CITOPIA is a film-related initiative that CITIES developed in 2010. The screenings are shown to an invited group in a location representative of the film’s content. The events allow the viewers to develop a personal awareness about the film’s theme. Following the screening, CITIES moderates a debate between invited guests and the public. Thanks to our collaboration with Volle Band, we will screen movies in unusual locations for those interested in understanding the distorted reality produced by the current food system.

August 18th: King Corn  – Time: 20:00 – Location: Follow the signs from the Restaurant Bolenious in George Gershwinlaan 30 – Amsterdam. The movie will be screened in a community garden, so please remember to bring your own cushion or chair.

We are hosted by Amsterdam’s most spectacular urban farming project in the middle of the Amsterdam Trade Center (ZuidAs). There, we are going to show our first feature, King Corn. The film presents an in-depth investigation of America’s corn industry and how this one product influences such a vast number of products and people. Although the Netherlands does not produce mono-cropped corn, the struggles and stories that the movie depicts can be applied to the Dutch food system.

August 26th: Waste Land – Time: 20:00 – Location: Jan van Galenstraat 4  – Amsterdam Food Center/Central Market Hall.

WasteLand is an award-winning documentary that highlights the transformative power of art and the beauty of the human spirit. Set in Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, the film looks at the catadores, pickers of recyclable materials, who live and work in the garbage.

September 9th: Lunchbox Miracle – Time: 17:00 –  @ the PopUpFarm in Tolhuistuin, Tolhuisweg 1, Amsterdam-Noord

The film explores a re-interpretation of local food logistical system. Thus, we will screen the viewing at the Tolhuistuin Market, an event connected to our non-emission food transport project,VOEDSELLOGICA. Lunchbox Miracle examines the way dabbawallas (the term for people who deliver the thousands of lunches across Mumbai each day) transport food from the suburban areas where the food is prepared and into the city center where the food is then consumed. Dabbawallas use bicycles and the occasional train create this zero-emission food exchange cycle.

For the ones that are willing to participate, on August 26th, there is the possibility to go for a bike tour along the old industrial food buildings of Amsterdam.  Contact  for more info!

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