Sunday the 9th of September CITIES organized 'AMSTERDAM OOGST' - a farmer's market and local harvest event at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam-Noord.

Type of activity
Date of the activity
September 2012

Location of the activity
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam-Noord
On a sunny and hot Sunday afternoon in September we transformed the hidden garden of Tolhuistuin into a farmer's market and local harvest event. To celebrate a rich harvest of local produce, we invited food producers from the Amsterdam metropole region, urban and community farmers, and all others interested in local, tasty food to come join us for a vibrant day of food, exchange, workshops, acoustic music and storytelling. With the the AMSTERDAM OOGST our main goal was to give the citizens of Amsterdam the opportunity to present their local food projects, to sell or trade local products and to swap homegrown vegetables with each other. For CITIES it was important that the event would provide something for people of all ages to engage in. Therefore we created a program which included different types of activities for people to join in on. For instance we gave a guerrilla gardening workshop for children where we taught them how to make seed bombs, Geert van Kerckhove gave a bee telling about how to create better conditions for bees in urban environments, an urban herbologist named Lynn Shore gave a herb tour through the garden of Tolhuistuin etc.

CITIES team was exceedingly happy to see that a lot people showed up for the AMSTERDAM OOGST - around a thousand people visited the garden of Tolhuistuin that Sunday. Thanks to the weather and all the local producers who participated in the event, this year's AMSTERDAM OOGST turned out to be a huge success! We're already looking forward to next year's harvest!

Participants at the AMSTERDAM OGGST:
Dr. Doelekker, Eerlijk en Heerlijk, Imkerij van Randen, De Groene Griffioen, The Chocolate Makers, Kimchi Outdoor met Oedipus Bierbrouwers, Seedharta Hemp Food, Cityplot, I can change the world with my two hands, De brede moestuin, Groene ruimte maken, A Seed, Blooms Murraij, Eetbaar Amsterdam

Photographer: Vincenzo Truppo

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