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- a multi-year, multimedia initiative that seeks to collect, organize and create a better understanding of how growing populations effect urban and business planning and its impact on consumers around the world.

The mission of '19 cities in the world with 20 million people in the 21st century' is to choose 19 cities, that can be used as case studies to explore the impact of this population phenomenon. They will deliver their results via 5 channels: web (including mobile), television (broadcast and cable), print (magazines, book and atlases), exhibits and seminars (virtual and onsite). As they write on there web page: "Any company with a focus on globalization will find the patterns and explanations in 19.20.21 indispensable. Whether you are a head of state, a leader of a cop oration, a media or communication company, a consumer, a parent, or a armchair tourist, 19.20.21. will be a crucial tool for charting and understanding your destiny in the world order for decades to come".


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