Lil Shy

Featured Photographer

A showcase of images of derelict sites and closed spaces from around the world

Lil Shy portraits fractions of urban life and shows us some of the bold reality of our cities. Her work is a story, the story of a little shy girl wondering around the uninhabited streets of our cities. Lil Shy does not portrait famous monuments and busy shopping streets; her photography is timeless and humble. The way the city arranges its urban forms, in order to create a poetic warm atmosphere, is here captured with curious and fresh eyes. Lil Shy brings us on a train in Paris; she shows us black and white skylines of Sydney; foggy mornings in NYC and square urban forms of Berlin. Lil Shy portraits elements of urban decay, abandonment, demolition and construction: the city is an agglomeration of changing elements to be discovered.

Lil Shy' s work is based on a constant research of forms and continuous interaction with the urban environment though different media and materials. CITIES is proud and honoured to present a selection of her work.


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