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March 2011

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Phase one of Farming the City is complete in spring 2011 with the launch of a free online resource featuring and mapping a diverse range of city farming projects across Amsterdam. This is the first step towards the creation of a platform for the promotion of urban farming communities in Amsterdam and all over the world. Challenged by this idea, CITIES carefully choose the most user friendly features to define type of project, location, and to generate simple overviews of different urban farming projects, which should be easily accessible.

In practice, Farmingthecity.net maps and showcases urban farming projects on an interactive online site. Case study information includes location, type of project (commercial, community, innovation), status (start-up, on-going, completed) and position within the developing local food system (sourcing, preparation, distribution, consumption). From March 2011 onwards, groups and individuals can upload information about their own projects, themselves as volunteers or availability of empty lands to the FarmingtheCity.net database and map. Discussions and debate about projects and activities follow on the LinkedIn group “FARMING THE CITY” and on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FARMING-THE-CITY/210595722313289

Thanks to the experience maturated during the in depth analysis of the city of Amsterdam, the website has a featured section in which Amsterdammers can find out about regulative barriers to urban farming and which urban typologies are more suitable to host food growing processes. Moreover, this section shows edited versions of the interviews with 20 selected innovative projects in the cit of Amsterdam.

FarmingtheCity.net has been launched at the Amsterdam Architecture Center with an exhibition in March 2011, through a 6 weeks show. (For an overview of the exhibition, please check this link in the “outreach” section https://citiesfoundation.org/2011/farming-the-city-3/ )

12 of the initial 19 projects have been selected to create an urban agriculture route for bikes in Amsterdam. This route can also be found on the UAR (Urban augmented reality) application for Iphone and Android, developed by the Netherlands Architecture Institute in collaboration with Amsterdam Center for Architecture.

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