Farming the City 2
Part two of a project about urban agriculture


Date begun
January 2011

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Supported by
Stichting DOEN
FARMING THE CITY/2 extends its reach: from connecting and empowering urban farming communities to the inspiration of creative players in raising awareness of, and developing innovation about, the development of food-related creative clusters in Amsterdam. CITIES’ team addressed this issue in Farming the City phase 1 and, as a direct result of our research, and after consultation with professionals, realised the need to build dynamic, sustainable food webs within cities and regional food businesses.  

When focusing on local food consumption and production patterns, along with a focus on the creation of food-related infrastructures, there is immense potential in approaching food as a tool for urban, social and economic development.

To kickstart activity, Farming the City 2 will forge connections between cultural players, creative professionals and a range of stakeholders with the aim of creating alternative learning environments, where new ideas can take root and contribute to innovation. By doing so, we approach food innovation as a social process.

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