Etienne de France

Featured Artist

Etienne de France works with a wide variety of media and focuses on themes related to science, experimental architecture and story-telling.

Born in 1984 in Paris, Etienne de France now lives between Reykjavik and Paris. He has a BA in Art History from Sorbonne University in Paris and a BA in Visual Arts from the Iceland Academy of Arts. His installations and performances have been shown at festivals and in exhibitions across Europe and North and South America. 

Etienne's visionary project, Icelandtraincity, captured CITIES' attention. Icelandtraincity challenges urban structures in a future where climate changes, pollution and the slow extinction of fossil fuels have a powerful effect on our living conditions. It proposes a dynamic city of railroad track-mounted modules which optimise sustainable energy use, enabling ways of transformational living that challenge our static ideas about passivity and activity, being in motion or staying put.

Etienne de France adds an inspiring new perspective to our succession of featured artists.


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