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Are you curious about nowadays urbanity? We are always looking for contributions by urban explorers from all over the world!

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Are you an artist? A researcher? A journalist? A graphic, urban or material designer? A photographer? All of them? None of them? It doesn't matter which is your background or mean of expression, CITIES is always looking for committed urban explorers to send their visions on nowadays urbanity. We are interested in how people perceive urban processes and we want to communicate this perception through different channels.

Do you like our research themes? Do you like our projects? Have you been working in the same field? We would be glad to collect and publish (online and on paper) your work.

Texts should tackle our research themes, but also introduce new research directions. Topic-focused interviews could be sent on paper (via mail) or on video. While texts will be published on this website, Videos will also be added to our VIMEO channel.

Whether you have been performing in-depth research researching on a specific urban subject, we would be happy to challenge you to send a "re-styled" version of your findings or critical analyses. We appreciate, bold, to the point, entertaining (and preferably sarcastic) texts. Please, take into consideration the fact that this is not an academic journal - we would be happy to see academic texts translated to a language that is easy to understand. Provocative pieces are also very welcome; however, bare in mind that critical pieces should be concluded with propositive, independent, innovative and pertinent ideas.

Photographic reportages, artworks and infographics are very welcome, and would represent an appropriate addition to any type of text that we have been (or will be) published. In case you want to submit these types of contents, please before download the <a href="">Image Guidelines</a> .

Please, check  "view all opportunities"  on this section for requests for contribution that are specifically related to our projects, production activities or research themes.

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