Branding sustainable cities
Research into branding of eco-cities and their implementation


Date begun
March 2010
In Sweden, as in much of Europe, contemporary development projects are regularly required to be ‘sustainable’. However, aside from the use of ‘green’ technologies, sustainability rarely incorporates the necessary behavioural, attitudinal and lifestyle changes.The eco-city concept, taking shape around the world in places such as Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, is relatively new to China. However, today more than 100 ‘eco-cities’ are being planned across the country. International architectural firms are frequently invited to contribute to eco-city developments on the basis of ‘best-practice’ principles.

Within these projects, Swedish architecture and urban planning firms are driven by the advantage of being able to brand their projects as ‘Sustainable and Scandinavian’. In this sense, ‘the sustainable city’ has become a Swedish export service.This research project is rooted in the urge to explore transnational circulation between Sweden and China on the developments of sustainable urban districts.

CITIES is the channel through which the results of a PhD project at <a href="">KTH</a> will be translated and communicated to a wider public.In collaboration with CG artist Jonathan Cohen ( a short movie on this subject is also in the making.

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