Modern architecture in Africa

A book by Antoni Folkers

“Modern Architecture in Africa” is the latest book by the architect and urban designer Antoni Folkers, specialised in African architecture. Thanks to his experience on the continent over the last twenty-five years, his work aims to provide a brilliant insight into modern African architecture and through many examples, he demonstrates that Western architecture and urbanism not only clash with African traditions but also blend with them. He describes the hybrid architectural forms emerged from this confrontation and the obvious influence of the European architecture on the African, but at the same time he depicts the natural development of traditional local architecture in Africa. He also moves a critique of the one-sidedness of Western architecture not only on the theoretical side but it also assumes a practical form in the pluriform and multi-coloured architecture of Africa.

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Antoni Folkers is also co-founder of ArchiAfrika and director of African Architecture Matters. They attempt to put African architecture on the map and contribute to the understanding and development of African architecture trying to establish a platform for the exchange of knowledge and information on activities, projects and architectural heritage in Africa.

Created on 20 September 2011

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