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All You Can Eat!

A book about using food as a tool for urban development

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March 2012

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We are looking for outstanding, stimulating contributions for the book "ALL YOU CAN EAT!" 

We see this book as an accessible, entertaining, highly visual and jargon-free source of credible information and case studies. In section one, we plan to provide a selection of urban agriculture projects that are exemplary illustrations of tools for urban development. In the following two chapters, we will focus on the effect of food and urban agriculture in the urban context. In the first chapter, we will present articles and contributions on economic and social issues (in terms of employment opportunities and increasing returns on new entrepreneurship and decreased social exclusion, for example); while in the second chapter we will explore how professionals and political parties are addressing this issue (the real effectiveness of food policy and vertical farming, the connection to urban and product design as a new cluster etc...)

We already selected a group of outstanding professionals, which gently accepted to collaborate with us on the development of this project. However, if you consider that your experience and work in the field are really pertinent with the concept of ALL YOU CAN EAT!, we would like to invite you to share your impressions by approaching the subject from your professional background and personal experiences. If you think that you might also have some interesting suggestions about contributors and case studies, please free free to send them to us.

Please, send an abstract of your contribution, and reliable reference about you and your work. We will be happy to send you more info about the book and the co-writing process.

Thank you very much

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