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A platform to connect sustainable development to architecture

The world of architecture is facing many new challenges. An enormous amount of building projects have been put on hold or are postponed for an uncertain period. Abundant buildings are left vacant at urban sites, while they could generate added values to the city if revitalized. Architects are now forced to re-evaluate their roles, or to find alternative ways to practice. On the other hand, different societies around the world are struggling with fundamental social-cultural and environmental issues; different demands for sustainable solutions are raised.

A.I.D. is a an open accessible architecture platform - for critical colleagues, committed professionals, passionate amateurs and free thinkers who dare to look further and practice beyond the limits of their own profession and culture. It offers the opportunities for everyone to freely exchange knowledge and ideas, and collectively contribute to our living environment.

Architecture In Development (A.I.D.) is a non-profit organization initiated at the end of 2009. The main feature of the web platform is the interactive architectural map where building information (related to a location's -contexts) can be added and edited easily by the users. The homepage features articles carefully selected to encourage on-going discourses. Further, there is a bulletin-board for community members to share local and global visions on sustainable developments.


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