Vooruit met Voedstel
Research and event production


Date begun
November 2010

Initiated by
DRO Amsterdam

Supported by
Stichting DOEN
Production of the closure event for the end of Amsterdam Food Policy: Proeftuin Amsterdam

Proeftuin Amsterdam was a four-year project of the DRO municipality Amsterdam. The aim of Proeftuinen was created to facilitate and finance projects with a focus on food, sustainability, education and health. For info, check:

By the end of 2010, the municipality of Amsterdam will conclude the project Proeftuin Amsterdam. Many people and organisations took part in this project and to thank them and tell them Proeftuinen is no longer existing and take a look at the future, DRO asked Cities the Magazine and VOER to organise a closure meeting. Francesca and Linda think this is a great opportunity and gladly accept the organisation of a closure event on the 2nd of February 2011.

CITIES worked on designing a research to find out which was the state of art of the project started thanks to PROEFTUIN Amsterdam. Together with DRO and VOER, we produced an event in which the participants could aggregate and discuss about 5 selected themes.

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