The first event to start to think differently about urban farming in Amsterdam

Type of activity
Date of the activity
September 2010

Location of the activity
STIPO - Amsterdam
During the Amsterdam Week of Sustainability CITIES curated the exhibition FARMING THE CITY at STIPO office. The exhibition was set up to accommodate the launching event of a more ambitious urban agriculture project and to inspire the participant to the symposium.

Around 75 participants followed the debate moderated by Linda Vermaat. Invited speakers were outstanding professionals from different background, which all work in the urban agriculture field.
The symposium started with Piet Eilander (team leader DRO) and Jan-Willem van der Schans (Universiteit Wageningen, Eetbaar Rotterdam).
Insights about the three approaches/categories were brought by:
_Community: - the social effect of Urban Agriculture. Esther van Veen (Wageningen University)
_ Policy: the role of civil servants and their current engagement in the city of Amsterdam. Jurgen Hoogendorn (OGA, Gemeente Amsterdam) about growing food in empty office buildings and about what is possible in Amsterdam.
_ Material/design: Vertical farm. Amber Beernink presenting the specific
characteristics of the site and its impact on the design.

After the Symposium, several workshops took place. The participants of the launching event FARMING THE CITY have been divided in 8 groups. The goal of the workshop was to propose an initiative and vision about the development of temporary urban agriculture activities in the city of Amsterdam. The initiative/visions did not have to be necessarily a physical form. It could be a program of events, a policy document, a movie…The participants worked on the map of the city of Amsterdam and each group focused on a district, selecting appropriate areas where to implement their visions.

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