A second life for cigarette butts?

CITIES is encouraging it's community members to have a more sustainable Christmas
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    CITIES the magazine is looking for Urban Reporters
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    By placing neighbourhood compost boxes we are stimulating organic waste separation
    Startup in Residence is an innovative collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups.
    WASTED challenges you to immerse into plastic, paper, glass and textiles waste and start looking at your ‘trash’ with an innovative look

    Border Session with creative pioneers on the development of the road-map towards a New Economy.
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    72U brought together WASTED and De Ceuvel to discuss the question: How can we make sustainable living more accessible and relevant for all?
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    Emerging city makers are weaving their webs throughout cities, the EU Commission’s Lab brings them together to begin shaping solutions.
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    Het Hof van Cartesius bridges entrepreneurs with large companies. October 8th, we joined a sneak peek event showing the potential of their outdoor workspace in Utrecht.
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    Aging populations and cities

    Research about age-inclusive cities in the face of demographic transitions.
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    Research into urban waste management
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    Branding sustainable cities

    Research into branding of eco-cities and their implementation
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    Polycentric cities

    Research into cities that have multiple centres of activity
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    The Wasted City | Approaches to Circular City Making

    Take Part in a Journey towards the Future of Circular City Making
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    Urban explorations

    Solidarity and the lack of circular policies: an urban report from Athens
    Featured Article
    An interesting report on the potential for circularity in Athen.
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    Connecting with the Cities Soil
    Featured Article
    Exciting work is occurring in Scotland connecting community with soil
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    Aging Populations Research Series, 9: Aging architecture and borrowing space & time
    Featured Article
    What can architects do in response to aging issues?
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    Aging Populations Research Series, 8: 10 tips to ‘New Aging’
    Featured Article
    Useful lessons and ridiculous tips from Matthias Hollwich's book ‘New Aging’.
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